“Fahrenheit Skopje”

Project/ Exhibition

Location/ Skopje-Fire tower

Year/ 2016

Team/ Authors: Dejan Ivanovski, Filip Jovanovski



This work refers to the novel FAHRENHEIT 451 by Ray Bradbury – the temperature at which book-paper catches fire and burns. As an answer to the topic RECYCLED CITY, i.e. the reuse of space, the proposal of the authors is to change the function of the fire department training building (fire tower) into a library (building which protects the knowledge of the city of Skopje). The building with its new use – guardian of books, complements the primary function of the building which is to train those who can save them from destruction, and symbolically it contradicts the powers which destroy the knowledge. The project is composed of 24 wooden frames (which symbolize bookshelves) placed in the empty central space which is used for training of the fire department. Part of the frames are filled in with book titles which allude to important architectural knowledge of the city, and part of them are empty which symbolically points to the destruction of the knowledge about the city. The selected book titles cover several thematic unities which the authors believed are important references/directions since they contain knowledge about the city of Skopje and refer to several topics from 1963 to today: archive for the solidarity of the city of Skopje (Skopje 1963, Skopje City of Solidarity, One Street in Skopje, City Trade Centre-Skopje); books which refer to the professional architectural knowledge of the city represented by research projects for the city of Skopje (Learning Architecture (2010), Findings (2014), 100.000 m2 for Skopje (2009), and the doctoral thesis “Architecture from the period of the post-earthquake reconstruction of Skopje – values and status in the contemporary context” as well as literature connected to the activism knowledge of the city, as an answer to the happenings in the city in the past decade (They are stealing a city and Grotesque (2010) published by Templum and Ploshtad Sloboda as well as the book 111 Theses on GTC (2015) which was part of the referendum on keeping the authentic appearance of GTC in April, 2015.


Objects, text, sound

 Thanks to:

Olivera Kopacheva, Milosh Gjuroski and Lara Arkadija, Pero Georgiev, AAM, OC of Bimas, Vera Kandikjan Ivanovska, Ivana Vaseva, Blagoja Menkovski.

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