Apartmant |ak|

Project/ Interior design

Location/ Skopje

Year/ 2017

Status/ Realized project

Photography/ Darko Moraitov

Team/ Authors: Dejan Ivanovski, Marija Trenevska


Bringing extra living space and light – extension and interior design of a multi-generational home in Skopje

This is a home for two families. One unity is composed of two parents and two children, and the second of two retired grandparents.

The wish of the investors was to live in a contemporary home, which will fulfill all the needs and habits of the big family, living together and apart at the same time.

In the lower part of the extension there are two content packages: primary living room, living room with a fireplace which stretches on two floor heights, dining room and kitchen with bar stools as one whole, and a bedroom for the parents with a closet, a storage room and a bathroom as the second whole.

Through vertical communications the lower floor is connected to two bedrooms on the upper floor which are used by the youngest family members on one side and the oldest family members on the other side. On the upper floor there is a kitchenette, bathroom and technical room.

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