House |va|

Project/ Architecture

Location/ Bitola

Year/ 2009

Status/ Project

Team/ Authors: Dejan Ivanovski, Risto Avramovski, Filip Jovanovski

The house is located at the base of the national park “Pelister”. It is projected for the needs of four-member family, with a capacity of 327 m2 and it has been developed on four levels.

At a level -2,67m there is a space for exercising, oriented to the inner yard, laundry, warehouse and technical spaces of the house.

At level 0,00m there is a living room space which is developed in three levels: a small room for reading, kitchen and toilet in the inner part and two open spaces which along with the inner space make a whole.

At level +3,62m there are bedrooms with a small space for relaxing which is developed in two-storey space as well as the parents’ room.

At level 6,51m a public open and closed area has been developed with a view of Bitola. The house is open towards the main scenery of the east, south and west side, while the north side is closed because of the closeness to neighbors. The entrance and the parking lot are situated in the north part of the parcel.