Project/ Architecture
Location/ Lazaropole
Area/ 205 m2
Year/ 2007
Status/ Completed
Client/ Private
Collaboration/ eng.Ljupco Fidanovski

The house is situated in the mountain village Lazaropole at an upland of Bistra around 1.350 metres altitude above sea level. This picturesque village functions as a tourist site and it does not have active inhabitants.

The house is situated at a location at several hundreds metres away from the old nucleus of the village although it has direct view towards it.

The whole programme consisted of four levels is situated in a compact volume with juts of the floors emphasized with a wooden facade layer as an analogy of the traditional houses of this region.

At the ground floor level which is partially dug into the mountain, the basement is situated, while the living space and bedrooms with the small room for reading are situated on the other levels.

The two lower levels are built of stone while the floor is made of bricks with mortar and wood.

In the context of the local tradition and constructive experiences the roof is layered with even sheet metal.