Project/ Architecture
Location/ Elsani, Ohrid
Area/ 110 m2
Year/ 2008
Status/ In progress
Client/ Private

The purpose of the project is a weekend house in the base of Galicica with a view at Ohrid lake and the city of Ohrid.

The house is situated near village Elsani on a southern downhill with a view at the lake and near the road that connects Ohrid with the other tourist sites along the shore of the lake.

The terrain and the soil of the location impose building a concrete base in which the basement and the garage for a small fishing boat are settled.

According to the programme the house is divided into four parts which are organized around inner yard or an open air room thus having direct communication. The daily space is connected to the southern terrace with a view at the lake and the city.

Different parts (programme packages) in the house have different facade and different height along with the functional needs of every room.