Project/ Architecture
Location/ Aerodrom, Skopje
Competition/ First Price
Area/ 60.000 2
Year/ 2009
Status/ Project
Client/ Ministry of Education
Collaboration/ SCArS Skopje

The basic idea of the project is to design and shape up a modern students' city successfully in which space will be a compact educational, cultural, social and sports center i.e. a place which will stimulate an efficient education and will enable the future graduates fulfill their free time creatively.

Providing a clear and well deliberated urban-architectural concept this project offers a measured spatial allocation of the built space and the free space in the framework of the building parcels. At an urban level, the solution respects the spatial morphology of the vast neighborhood i.e. the idea that the spatial sequences are formed through clearly expressed architectural wholes within which a vegetal landscape dominates.

At the west of the "Srbija" boulevard the complex of faculties is consisted of four blocks among which joint programme contents are arranged. In each of the four blocks there are two faculties situated i.e. in one block there are a faculty and two institutes situated. The decomposition of the environment to four components emerged from the top imperative of construction to this project: providing a quality daylight for all spaces of continuous abiding. Additionally, the concept of blocks is an exceptional advantage to the solution regarding the social, organizational and evacuating standards of the whole concept. As for the access the faculty blocks are independent to each other, but at the same time they are connected with the joint contents situated at the ground floor level. As a genesis of such planning and organization the basic principles of the informatics are used which in fact are based on webbing and overlapping different physical and programme domains.

At the east of the " Srbija" boulevard connected to the faculty complex, the student campus is situated also in its frameworks containing a student hall with a restaurant, the outpatient department, the management and other contents referring to comfortable student life.

The programme of this part of the complex is concentrated on two main programme hotspots separated with the main pedestrian path of the settlement. The sports hall and the restaurant are situated on the north part of the parcel while the dormitory is situated on the southern part of the location. The dormitory has been redesigned in four vertical neighborhoods in which frameworks the public contents are developing vertically as well. Such concept aims at providing an admirable social space in the immediate nearness of each of the dwelling units. Of the total number of dwelling units the most are oriented towards south and least toward north. The dwelling units for married couples are realized on the ground floor level and they have exit in a private garden while the individual dwelling units take the highest floors of the dwelling whole.

The treatment of the layer of all spatial wholes emerges from the clear inner organization come out of the functional and structural matrix.