Project/ Urban design
Location/ Skopje
Competition/ Entry
Area/ 2 m2
Year/ 2009
Status/ Project
Client/ City of Skopje

The reason to develop a public micro-space was the need for unification of the city of Skopje. This mobile object, apart from its basic function is also a transforming micro-object where depending of the exhibited products, the counter can be transformed in four positions: a counter, a table for degustation, a counter billboard and a sculpture ( a lighting object).

At the upper area of the counter there is a photo-voltage panel put in order to use the sunlight and a plug for all the objects needed to provide certain services enabling the counter to serve as street lighting as well.

The counter is made from inox or chromed sheet metal because of the reflection of the material thus reflecting the context on the surface of the counter and becoming part of its environment i.e. disappearing.

This project will visually enrich public pedestrian areas of the city and at the same time it can become a landmark of Skopje.