Project/ Architecture + Design
Location/ Centar, Skopje
Competition/ Entry
Year/ 2010
Status/ Project
Client/ Municipality, Skopje
Collaboration/ SCArS Skopje

The draft architectural project for a new pedestrian bridge over the river Vardar is conceptualized through two main imperatives:

At an urban level the imperative of the project is the new pedestrian bridge to be a new spatial structure, neatly interpolated in the existing configuration of the terrain i.e. in the existing (regulated) channel of the river Vardar. Within this context a high priority of shaping was that the useful area of the bridge should be on the same elevation with the public space to which this bridge is connected. In order to have appropriately configured carrying construction, pedestrian i.e. cycling communication under the bridge, as well as an adequate connection of the recreational - ecological traffic in a major channel with the one at the pedestrian area at the elevation of the city. Because of the need for safety of all the participants in traffic, firstly of the people with special needs, thanks to the needed width of the bridge, of its horizontal useful area a separation of the cycling to pedestrian traffic is suggested, i.e. a separation of fast and slow traffic participants.

Regarding the volume level, the imperative of the project was the architectural - aesthetic expression of the new bridge to correspond to the modern time to the reality that we belong to. In this context as opposed to the possibility for the aesthetic inspirations to be located in an historical- romantic nostalgia or in a technological futuristic dreaming , the project for the new pedestrian bridge is conceptualized as an reinterpretation to the of the existing vegetal context which is in fact the most readable characteristic of this part of the city. In that sense, the structure of the bridge is a simple, rational, and easy to construct truss whose constitutive structural elements have been reworked so that the whole in its shape would be referenced to the structure of the surrounding green area.