Project/ Urbanism
Location/ City of Kocani
Competition/ Entry
Year/ 2009
Status/ Project
Client/ Municipality of Kocani

The topic of this competition is the reorganization of the footway at the left side of Kocanska Reka.

Within this project there are several important points of the city which are regarded as gathering spaces for the citizens so the intervention was aimed at recognition and reorganization of these points in the project treated as five living rooms not only because of their width but also because of the public contents within them.

Within these spaces, apart from the urban equipment there are also info-points (totems) projected to which programme packages are attached as: billboards, maps of the city, info about time, temperature, date, recycle bins, mailboxes and parking lot tickets.

Peripherally along the pedestrian street parking places have been estimated to be set forming an angle of 90 degrees with the pedestrian street. Such settings enable almost two times more possibilities of parking under 30 or 60 degrees. The result is maximum number of parking spaces keeping the existing green area, which is fundamentally important to the city.