Project/ Architecture
Location/ Karpos, Skopje
Area/ 65 m2
Year/ 2009
Status/ In progress
Client/ Private

The project consists of an upgrade to a part of a house and thorough change of the roof. The existing house ( a shack) built on the 60s of the twentieth century in Taftalige ( Karpos) has all the characteristics of the usual shacks built in the post -earthquake settlements in Skopje. It has been developed at a ground level, except the studio which also has an under-roof space. Regarding the location there is a small front (introductory) yard with a parking lot and an intimate back yard ( a garden).

The intervention is in fact adaptation and reorganization of the under roof part of the studio from a painting atelier to a housing space for a couple with a child.

The volume for the new "apartment" is with dynamic roof with sky lights creating dynamic light during the day and during the whole year. At the west side of the house a terrace has been created that with a combination of brise-soleil creates an "open air room" that opens up to the bedroom and the working space thus protecting them from the western Skopje sun in summer.