Project/ Architecture + design
Location/ Dracevo, Skopje
Competition/ First price
Year/ 2007
Status/ Project
Client/ Municipality of Kisela Voda

The location of the bridge is in a peripheral area in Skopje and mark the entrance to Dracevo, big satellite settlement of the city.

The project is about redefining of the road separation leading to Markov Manastir and settlement Dracevo. Spontaneously defined spaces can be noticed that citizens use for parking and waiting for transport to the settlements in the area.

The idea of this project was to recognize and then to redefine these places, as well as to make some kind of visually recognizable symbol-emphasis at the Dracevo entrance because it is a place that does not stands out of the rest sterile landscape of the city suburbs.

In that direction a lighting object is set which is a recognizable silhouette by its structure, form and verticality. At the spot there is a traffic triangle which can be transformed into a bus stop of a local line.

Along the bridge a pedestrian movement is stimulated with info boxes containing information in the inner part ( maps of the city, public traffic etc.) which is used while their outward part is used as a billboard towards the street.