Project/ Architecture
Location/ Skopje
Competition/ First price
Area/ 7600 m2
Year/ 2010
Status/ In progress
Client/ Municipality Karpos
Collaboration/ SCArS Skopje

The draft architectural project for a new administrative object of the Municipality of Karpos is elaborated through two levels considered as problems.

At urban level, the new municipality building is comfortably interpolated in the framework of what already exists i.e. projected neighborhood with intention the constructive seal of the object to provide continuous pedestrian communication on the business north-south axis. Through the passage which has been penetrated to the south limit of the building parcel, through pedestrian corridor the inner zone of the trade center " Leptokaria" is connected to the east side with the units of Macedonian post office, Macedonian Telecommunications as well as the supermarket Tinex on the west side. Additionally, through withdrawing of the west limit of the ground floor to the object towards east, the space in front of the main entrance in the municipality building has been transformed into a public place for gathering where the built landscape has been enriched with new spatial experience - a porch. Through such transformation done in phases, from the public space of the street to public space in the framework of the project, the institutional access to the building has been softened in a way. Moreover, through the materiality of the floor which on a ground floor level is identical, outside and as well as in the inside hall the foyer is turned into continuation of the public space.

Regarding the volume level, the new administrative building is configured as a spatial system within which the architecture interprets the natural, cultural, urban and political specifications of the municipality of Karpos. The architectural approach is based on several narratives which are main characteristics of the municipality: democracy+urbanity+ landscape.

In the framework of the project the leading theme is a central lobby which is a multi-storey void around which municipality service offices are attached. The inner connections after levels are grouped round naturally enlightened yard, around which there is a warm landscape of passing initiated. The inner yard, apart its regular volume is aesthetically defined through organic structure which in its geometry is an echo of the mosaic of the Skupi locality, the first urban fortification at the territory of the city of Skopje, nowadays in the framework of municipality Karpos.

Through introducing vegetation in the framework of the object as well as with the usage of wood as a concluding cultivation, the natural values of the municipality Karpos have been emphasized in which territorial limits also belongs a big part of the park-wood Vodno, just another landmark of Skopje.