EXPO 2010

Project/ Interior design
Location/ Shanghai, China
Competition/ Third price
Area/ 324 m2
Year/ 2009
Status/ Project
Client/ Ministry of Economy
Collaboration/ arh.Filip Jovanovski

What is the way to present the continuity of the Macedonian urban culture in time and space thus avoiding the classical documentary setting along the way is a topic to which we tried to give an answer.

The pavilion in a sense of shape and programme is a concentric square filled with certain programme, along the perimeter and concentric square in the inner part as a symbol of stability, filled with emptiness reflecting the relation of the peripheral to the center, as a place for gathering ( event, architecture) resembling a small square in the framework of the pavilion.

The inner square is an emptiness in which we can feel presence outwardly and inner, to the right and to the left, there is closeness and remoteness, in fact it becomes a form of focusing whereas the surrounding is neglected, it stops being. That space is complemented with the ancient granolithic alphabet, a symbol of eternal continuation in the framework of time.